June 11, 2010



It has been a long week. And yet, thinking back, I don't know that I really did much. Colt and I went out to Indian on Tuesday night, and surprisingly enough, we enjoyed it. I guess it helps when you let the guy who lived in India for six months order for everyone.

I wanted to post some photos today from the Doctor Who swap I participated in recently, but my partner has yet to pick up the package. I don't want to spoil anything for her, in case she stops by, so I will leave that for next week.

Tonight, I believe, we're headed to a showing of The A-Team. I am excited. I have a deep, abiding love of ridiculous action movies. This weekend we'll venture to Mom's for lunch and help her hang a screen door, and then I guess we've got some soccer to watch? *wink* I'm not a fan of most organized sports, but Colt's into it, and I support that.

What are your plans for the weekend, hm?

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  1. omg, it's soccer fever everywhere. can't get away. I loves me some ridic action movies too, so I wanna check out the A-Team too.