June 03, 2010

Nerd News: Hoverboards, Scott Pilgrim, Thundercats and more

Vol. 1, Issue 2

Have you seen the latest Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World trailer? No? WHY NOT?

In strange tech news:
Rumors about an Alias reboot are tempting, and yet ... Sydney Bristow is not one to trifle with.
    The Nerdy Bird takes a look at a new Thundercats in the works. No, unfortunately, it's not live action:
    (I still want this movie to be made. Seriously. So awesome.)

    Check out these leaked images of the new Captain America outfit. I still have reservations about Chris Evans. I mean, he's fantastic if you need a snarky, sarcastic, somewhat self-depreciating guy ... all of which Steve Rogers is not. I do enjoy his work, however, so I shall wait and see.

    In other casting news that I have some reservations about, James McAvoy has signed on to X-Men: First Class to play ... Professor X? I did not know First Class was going to be about Xavier and Erik, but that could be cool. And I'm glad Bryan Singer (X-Men and X-2) is back.

    Let's leave on a high note, shall we? These Sesame Street Fighter mash-up illustrations (some are Muppets, I know, I didn't make them) make me giggle.


    1. As an avowed Piggy devotee, I am scared of those legs. But the Kermie is awesome.

    2. So much interesting shit here. Thanks Pants. Did not know about the new X Men. And le pic of Chris Evans is awesome.

    3. Kate-Piggy's just been ... working out? :)

      H-You are welcome! I try to find things of interest to a variety of people.