June 01, 2010

Introducing: obsessed.

Main Entry: obsessed
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: consumed, driven about belief, desire
Synonyms: bedeviled, beset, bewitched, captivated, controlled, dogged, dominated, eat sleep and breathe, engrossed, fiendish, fixated, gripped, harassed, haunted, have on the brain, held, hooked, hung up on, immersed in, infatuated, into, overpowered, plagued, possessed, preoccupied, prepossessed, really into, seized, taken over, tied up, tormented, troubled, turned on, up to here in, wound up with, wrapped up in
I have an easily addicted personality. I'm not talking drugs or alcohol—I'm talking movies, music, pop culture. When I fall for something, I fall hard. And I like to spread that love all over the place.

That's where obsessed., my second blog feature, comes in. In it, I'll be sharing the things that are making the most impact on my psyche at the moment/that day/that week. I hope to post obsessed. on a weekly basis, most likely on Tuesdays.

This week's obsessed. is a hit from 1979: Van Halen's "Dance the Night Away". Enjoy.


  1. Reel Big Fish did a great cover of this. Or maybe it was Forces of Evil. I forget which because they're almost the exact same band.

  2. Ooh, thanks Wes. I love me some covers. I'll have to hunt that one down.

  3. I must say that I like this whole theme business for the new and improved version of your blog. I am also a bit of a fan of Van Halen, so... I approve. :)

  4. Thanks, Ang. I'm hoping having features will get me to post more than once a week. :)

  5. And I like to spread that love all over the place.

    That line has me snorting I'm laughing so hard. Why, I do not know. But so awesome. And I'm exactly the same. I fall hard and then wanna spread it. Nail polish is the perfect example.

  6. You spread it well, H. <3