May 18, 2010

Mollie needs a friend!

I need a house.

Why do I need a house?

Well, for starters, I'd like more room to spread out. I'd like a craft room/studio.

I'd also like to not be renting, and have the ability to do what I like with paint and (de)construction.

But today, today I need a house so I can get a Leaf Muntjac.


Also called barking deer, Muntjac deer are the oldest known deer, dating back to prehistoric times and originating in southern Asia and China. Two smaller species in this family, the Leaf Muntjac and the Reeves Muntjac, have been bred in the United States since the late 1990s; the Leaf deer weigh ten to twenty pounds, the Reeves twenty to twenty-five pounds. Once Muntjacs acclimate to their surroundings, they make loyal, fun-loving pets who run and play tag with their owners, as well as follow them around the house and give them kisses. They can live inside or outside or as indoor-outdoor pets (install a doggy door in your home and let them have the run of your property) and can be litter-trained within one day, just like kittens. If you decide to allow your Muntjac deer to roam freely, be aware that these agile animals can jump very high—most Leaf Muntjacs can clear five feet and can easily climb stairs—so take precautions to deer-proof your home, just as you’d secure it for your young child.


  1. Oh dude. Those are awesome!

  2. My friend KT has been trying to convince her building to let her have one of those for

  3. H-I know, right?

    Noel-They go in a litter box! That's cleaner than a dog. :D