April 29, 2010

A new beginning

For a long while now, I've been "writing" a blog on Wordpress. I use quotation marks because long ago I stopped really writing anything of interest, and my blog turned into a once weekly compilation of links/stories/images that I thought were interesting. The link lists aren't really the problem; the fact that creating this compilation of lists started to feel like a chore is. In fits and starts, I tried to include new things on the blog; my crafting projects, clothes I thought were cute, inspirational photos all made their way onto the page.

But it still felt stale. And it only continued to get worse. I feel like I got stuck with having to post the same kinds of things, and including anything else seemed out of place. While I love bringing these links/etc. to people's attention, I have this great urge to make my mark on the Internets ... and only posting a weekly list chronicling other people's marks isn't really how I want to make it.

So I migrated over to Blogger with the idea of making a fresh start. New blog, new name, new look ... new feel. Blogger allows me much more ability to mess with the HTML, something I was always annoyed with on Wordpress. It also seems to be easier to find out who looks at the blog; I was never sure that anyone other than a few close friends and my significant other were reading my posts. I know having "followers" can be a two-way street; having too few might give a girl a complex. I'm not out to become Queen of the Internets, I'd just like to know who's reading. And being a minor Lady of some small portion of lands wouldn't be so bad either.

So. That bring us here, to hello. Welcome to my new start. Hope you enjoy.

P.S.—This isn't a really good introduction into who I am, but hopefully you'll learn more about me through my posts as time goes on.
P.P.S—For those of you lamenting the loss of the Bits, know that I will continue to post a Bits of some sort on a weekly basis. The name and location may have changed, but my penchant for nerdiness (and sharing it with you) has not.


  1. Hooray! This is very exciting. :) I am putting you on alert right.....nao.


  2. I had exactly the same thing. Only I switched over to Wordpress for a showcase/portfolio blog. The Just Johnny blog I still us is for nonsense I do and the usual link collection. Good to see you continue. I wish you all the best with this new start :)

  3. And remember that having a lot of followers also means intense pressure. So I'm here to give you pressure. =P

  4. woot! love it! John's right, nice job on the header!

  5. Thank you all for stopping by! :D

    H-I'll try to do well.

    Courtney-Thanks! I have fun, playing at design. :)